Banking Services

LC Bill Discounting facilitates secure export credit, enabling pre-maturity funds for working capital based on LC factors and exporter credibility.


FEMA Consultancy

Our expert team provides comprehensive guidance and support on compliance with the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) to ensure seamless international transactions.

Trade Finance - Export Finance

We offer tailored financial solutions to empower exporters, including export credit insurance, working capital loans, and export factoring, to fuel global trade growth.

Trade Finance - Import Finance

Simplify your import operations with our flexible financial solutions, including import letters of credit, trade finance, and supply chain financing, to optimize cash flow and enhance procurement efficiency.

Buyers credit/Supplier Credit

Trade Finance - Inland Finance

Our comprehensive range of inland financing options, such as inventory financing, receivables financing, and asset-backed lending, empowers businesses to thrive in domestic markets by meeting their working capital needs effectively.

LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)

It is a unique 20-character alphanumeric code that identifies distinct legal entities engaged in financial transactions. The LEI system was introduced to enhance transparency and improve risk management in the global financial markets. Each LEI is associated with specific entity details, such as legal name, address, and ownership information, which allows for better identification and tracking of entities involved in financial transactions worldwide.